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Thursday, February 24, 2011

dpt jgk akhirnya Lumix FH1

even xdpt dslr yg besar gabak, dpt yg nie pn dh kira ok..lgpn bknnya ummi pandai pn nk guna dslr bagai tue..

before CNY ari tue, kbmall ada buat pameran kamera..sume jnis ada..dslr pn ada.. dlm byk2 brand  ummi lebih berkenan dgn panasonic lumix..
                                                 yg ummi kaler pink..time beli ari tue kaler pink jer yg ada =D

nie serba sedikit tentang lumix FH1..

Panasonic introduces the new 2010 line of Lumix digital cameras, which includes the 12.1 megapixel Panasonic Lumix DMC FH1 digital camera. The Panasonic FH1 is a slim, pocketable camera that packs a 28mm wide-angle lens with 5x optical zoom. The new Panasonic Lumix camera can record High Definition video and is extremely easy to use thanks to iA (Intelligent Auto). The camera is compatible with Windows 7 and can take HD-quality still photos that fill a 16:9 HDTV. Users with a Panasonic Viera HDTV can enjoy a slideshow of photos simply by inserting an SD Memory Card into the HDTV’s SD memory card image viewer slot. 

Intelligent Auto
Just press the iA button, aim and shoot. The camera does all the rest, automatically activating four detection and correction functions. These include MEGA O.I.S., which helps prevent blurring due to shaky hands, Intelligent ISO Control, which helps prevent motion blur when the subject won't stay still. Intelligent Scene Selector which selects the optimal scene mode for the situation & Face Detection which helps deliver clear portraits.

High Performance LUMIX DC Vario Lens
The DMC-FH1 packages a 28mm 5x optical zoom folded optics LUMIX DC Vario lens with f2.8 brightness into a slim, compact body. Comprising eleven elements in ten groups - this advanced lens unit realises the outstandingly slim and compact body to deliver an exceptional optical performance.

2.7" LCD Screen
The DMC-FH1 incorporate an easy-to-see, large, 2.7-inch 230,000-dot high-resolution LCD for comfortable viewing while both monitoring shots and playing back the results. The Intelligent LCD function detects the light condition and automatically boosts the LCD backlighting by max. 40% when shooting outdoors in bright sunshine, and adjusts the frame rate when shooting in low-lit situations.

Sonic Speed AF
Never miss the action with Super Sonic AF system. Due to a large number of improvements and re-engineering including the adaption of higher-speed actuator, the optimisation of algorithms and the parallelisation of software lements. The result is ultra high speed yet accurate AF performance for users. In addition, improvements have allowed for an ultra fast start up time.

futnote: sekurang-kurangnya dpt jgk amik gambar dr nan ado kn.. =D


  1. teringin jugak nak beli.. rm brape ye kat kbmoll tu?

  2. beli ari tue time promosi..rege dia rm699 kalo xsilap sy..

  3. Faizah,

    Tak kira pakai camera apapun,yang penting skill mencaptured setiap hanya sebuah gadget.

  4. btul tue kak..yg pnting dpt captured pic ok la kn



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