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Friday, June 22, 2012

pemakanan tambahan anak dara sy..

oleh kerana timbangan berat lil nia naik xbyk every month, so me try surf dlm tenet produk yg sesuai utk lil nia..kebetulan terjumpa produk under shaklee..

so, me beli ngn member kat fb..

                                                      meal shake for nia
                                        just tmbh 1 sudu teh pg & mlm lam susu lil nia
                                                 sebotol nie tahanlah lam sebln..

                                         anak dara kesyg sy

                                              nia kata tue ubat domok ke ummi ?? =)


meal shake nie jgk sesuai utk anak yg ada asma.. more info refer sila refer kat sini..

sedikit fakta tentang meal shake:

*Complete Nutrients - Provides 24 types of A to Z essential vitamins, minerals and trace minerals. Deficiency in trace minerals will affects the absorption of vitamins and causes inactive enzymes. It also contains soy lecithin that works hand-in-hand with fat soluble vitamins.
*Supplies Key nutrient to cells - Rich in protein (contain no lactose) that helps in forming skin, nails, hair, organs, blood, immunised cells etc.
*Aids in Growing Up - Contains folic acid, biotin, rich in calcium and magnesium that are needed for building bones and cells in the growing up process.
*Anti-Oxidants - Contains vitamins A, C, E, zinc, selenium which are the anti-oxidant components for anti-ageing.
*Restore skin complexion - Contains complete vitamin B-Complex, iron, copper to form healthy red blood cells, thus improves the skin colour complexion. Detoxification - Rich in soluble fibre that helps the (peristalsis of colon and stomach/bowel movement) to excrete excess fat and waste from the colon and stomach.
*Great Taste for young and old - Delicious drink with natural fructose; quick replenishment of the necessary nutrients for the body; contain no artificial colouring and artificial sugar.

1 comment:

  1. mama pun rasa nak try juga utk aleesya aritu tapi tak try2 lagi. Sebab dia tak selera makan.

    Minggu lepas bagi dia makan ubat cacing zentel (jenis cecair) tu, terus solve problem. Now, dia dah selera makan tapayah paksa2 lagi.

    Banyak cacing rupanya, sekali poo penuh pampers huhu.



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